Silversmith Adrian Hope and Artist Jeweller Linda Lewin each have over 40 years experience working with silver, gold and precious stones. We design and create beautiful, handmade items that people love and cherish: silverware to be used at home, jewellery which can be worn every day, and works of art to be appreciated and admired. Our prize-winning work is sought by both public and private collectors in the UK and abroad.

Throughout the year a limited selection of work of our work can be viewed and purchased from our studio, various galleries and shows around the UK. All of our work is made by hand and unique using a mixture of ancient and modern techniques.

For the past 20 years we have run Workshop Weekend courses in silversmithing and jewellery from our studio workshop. These hands on courses are tailored to you and suitable for both beginners making their first piece and professionals wishing to learn specific skills and advanced techniques.